About us
Friends of SAMAH is a network, which among other things deals with the preservation of the legacy of the organization SAMAH, that existed until 2010. This philosophy includes the acquired expertise, the archive (with files, but also reports, reference books and many textbooks) and the in 10 years accumulated  network professionals, volunteers and young asylum seekers around the world. In addition to maintaining the legacy, Friends of SAMAH develops new activities and presents them to the network. She is also doing research in collaboration with its network.

Our mission
We contribute to the improvement of the welfare of young unaccompanied asylum seekers aged 15 to 25 years, to defend their interests and to strengthen their position. (Both) in the Dutch society as in the country of origin.

Young asylum seekers do not differ from ‘normal’ young people in many aspects not, they have the same needs, questions, interests and behaviors of their peers. Unusual is the situation in which they find themselves. Growing up in a new environment, with no family and being uncertain about your future, brings many challenges.

the Board
The board consists of four members, namely: Adimka Uzozie (Chairman), Eva Mulder (secretary), Mara Verdonschot (treasurer), Mary Verkade (member). The board meets at least four times a year.

History of the organization
Friends of SAMAH was founded in 2010 by former employees and young refugees from SAMAH. After founding board members are more connected and the network of vrijwillligers and young refugees extended